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Wipe away any hair or perspiration from the forehead


Before pressing the button, point the thermometer one inch from the forehead, above the eyebrows and between the eyes


With the screen dark, simply point and click


green light means you’re within a healthy and normal range.

Orange light means your temperature is slightly outside the normal range.

Red light means your temperature is well outside the normal range.


green light means you’re within a healthy and normal range.




What is the InstaTemp?

The InstaTemp is the only patented non-touch forehead thermometer with a digital infrared sensor. Its precision design and carefully engineered medical-grade technology measures temperature instantly and accurately without requiring any contact with the human body.

How do I use the InstaTemp?

Video: How to Use the InstaTemp
Step 1: Wipe any hair or perspiration from the forehead.
Step 2: Before pressing the button, point the thermometer one inch from the forehead, above the eyebrows and between the eyes.
Step 3: With the screen dark, simply point and click. A temperature reading will instantly appear on your screen.

What do the LED indicator lights represent?

A green LED below the screen means that your temperature is within a healthy and normal range.
An orange LED means that your temperature is slightly outside the normal range.
A red LED signals a fever or severely low temperature, as your temperature is well outside the normal range.

Help! My device is stuck at 188.88 degrees!

This is the background of the device, and usually occurs when you press the button without properly taking a temperature. Please try again, making sure that you are one inch from the center of the forehead before pressing the activation button.

How do I change the batteries?

The InstaTemp features an internal battery that does not need to be recharged or replaced. The InstaTemp's battery can support up to 7500 measurements and is under warranty to last for 2 years.

What is normal body temperature?

Most people think of a "normal" body temperature as an oral temperature of 98.6°F (37°C). This is an average of normal body temperatures. Your temperature may actually be 1°F (0.6°C) or more above or below 98.6°F (37°C). Also, your normal body temperature changes by as much as 1°F (0.6°C) throughout the day, depending on how active you are and the time of day. Body temperature is very sensitive to hormone levels and may be higher or lower when a woman is ovulating or having her menstrual period.

How do I clean the InstaTemp?

Do not touch the lens of the sensor; it is the most delicate part of the InstaTemp thermometer and must be protected from dirt and damage. Clean the InstaTemp using an IPA wipe. Do not immerse the InstaTemp in water or other liquids. It is not water resistant. Take care not to scratch the lens of the sensor, the display or the housing. Never use aggressive cleaning agents.

What is the wall mount?

The Wall Mount is a magnetic storage holder designed to store the InstaTemp. The Wall Mount and InstaTemp fit snugly together, providing easy access to your InstaTemp when you need it.

Where should I store the InstaTemp?

The InstaTemp should be stored in a safe and dry location at temperatures below 86°F (37.0°C) or above 41°F (5°C).

What is the warranty?

ARC Devices USA Inc. warrants each new InstaTemp against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase, and agrees to repair and replace any defective product without charge with the exception of return postage and pre-paid shipping. In case of warranty claim, the date of purchase has to be proven by means of the sales receipt or invoice. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, improper treatment, lack of reasonable care, non- observance of the user instructions, and all damage, which is due to repairs or tampering by the customer or unauthorized third parties. ARC Devices USA Inc. will not pay for warranty service performed by non-authorized repair service and will not reimburse the customer for damage resulting from warranty repairs performed by non-authorized parties.

What if I have other questions regarding the InstaTemp?

For customer service inquires e-mail ARC Devices USA Inc. customer service at Hours of operation are 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

How does the InstaTemp work?

The InstaTemp uses a proprietary patented medical-grade infrared sensor and algorithm to accurately read temperature.

How do I turn on my InstaTemp?

The device is already active and ready to use. Once you press the button, your InstaTemp will take a temperature reading.

What does it mean if my device shows a “LO” reading?

If the device is too far away from the forehead or not held steady enough during the reading, the InstaTemp may register a red LED indicator light as well as a LO reading on the display. This does not mean low battery, but rather a low or inaccurate temperature reading. Try again following the proper instructions.

Why is my device stuck at 98.6?

Please make sure to remove the sticker reading "98.6" before attempting to use the device.

Can I take multiple temperatures in a row using the InstaTemp?

Once the activation button is clicked and released, the temperature lasts on screen for four seconds. A new temperature can be taken as soon as the screen goes dark.

What is a fever?

An abnormally high body temperature, usually accompanied by shivering, headache, and in severe instances, delirium. A temperature of 100.4°F or above is considered febrile and one should immediately call one’s physician for advice.

Who can I use the InstaTemp on?

The InstaTemp is a non-invasive thermometer that can be used for people of all ages.

Where is the InstaTemp made?

The InstaTemp is developed, designed, and manufactured in the Republic of Ireland.

Can I take my pets temperature?

Sorry, the InstaTemp is designed only to measure the temperature of human beings.

What is the guarantee?

We do not handle direct returns- all returns should be directed to your retailer.


Limited two year warranty ARC Devices warrants this product against any defects that are due to faulty material or workmanship for a period of two years from the original date of consumer purchase. This warranty applies when used for normal household use in accordance with the Use and Care Manual and excludes the battery and damage to the product resulting from accident or misuse. This product is not warranted when used in a professional environment. In no event shall ARC Devices be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages

in connection with the purchase or use of this product or costs over the original cost of the product. If the product should become defective within the warranty period, contact ARC Devices’ Customer Support Department. at for repair or replacement at no charge. ARC Devices reserves the right to replace a defective product with the most comparable product currently available. While this warranty gives you specific legal rights, you may also have other rights which vary from state to state or province to province.