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InstaTemp - The Thermometer of Tomorrow, Today.

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temperature readings
at your fingertips.


is the only digital non-touch
thermometer that delivers instant,
accurate results with a press of
a button. Using safe, infrared digital
sensor technology, InstaTemp is
changing the way you take
temperature of loved ones at home
whether they are awake or asleep.


Wipe away any hair or perspiration from the forehead


Before pressing the button, point the thermometer one inch from the forehead, above the eyebrows and between the eyes


With the screen dark, simply point and click


green light means you’re within a healthy and normal range.

Orange light means your temperature is slightly outside the normal range.

Red light means your temperature is well outside the normal range.


green light means you’re within a healthy and normal range.

What People
Are Saying

“How did I raise my kids without this! I love it. I have an 11 year old son who cannot regulate his temperature due to a rare skin condition. Why has no one ever told me this existed?! This thermometer is a life-changer for me.”


"Okay, how has nobody thought of this sooner!? Waking up a sick kid to get a temperature is horrible, scan across the head could wake them, a beep in their ear and especially oral. Enter this awesome device! Easy to use and makes no sound at all.”


“Couldn’t say enough good things about this thermometer. As wound care nurse we used laser thermometers for years as a diagnostic tool for underlying diabetic foot problems. But the cost to own was prohibitive. I have checked this thermometer with oral and rectal thermometers. Consistently 1 degree lower than rectal and identical to oral. I would recommend this to any one for household use.”


"This thermometer has just joined my elite list of "high tech parenting things" I never thought I would need but now totally can't live without and recommend to all my new mom friends”


“Purchased as a baby gift for a friend, this item works easily and does exactly what it says it does. Since this is my friend's second child, the frilly and cute clothing items don't cut it for a gift anymore. Practicality rules.”

D. Wood

"This thermometer is great with my newborn. I'm able to take his temperature without disturbing him since I only have to point and click. Just as reliable as the thermometer I had before."


"This thermometer is so easy to use. No touching! That means no messing with kids during the night to take their temp. No holding down a squirmy baby. Just scan without touching them"


"I love the idea of a non-contact thermometer and it couldn't be easier to use. The next time someone in my family gets sick, I won't have to disturb their sleep to take their temperature. Brilliant!"


“My son is unfortunately sick all the time. A combination of daycare germs, frequent ear infections and a host of other medical issues make illness a regular thing in our house. He is 2, and in typical toddler fashion, he hates having his temperature taken. Daytime temperature checks are hard, as he is active and hates sitting still, and nighttime temperature checks are hard because I dread the risk of waking him. The InstaTemp thermometer solves both of these problems.”

R. Peterson

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